SkyTab® - Powered By Shift4 Launches New Program To Pay Restaurants For Every Online Order + $5k Signing Bonus

Starting today, SkyTab® powered by Shift4 will pay every new SkyTab POS customer $1.00 for every online order they receive for the first three months of service. Additionally, to help restaurant owners migrate from competitor systems, we will offer a signing bonus of $5,000 for any established restaurant that switches from another POS system. Both of these offers will run through October 31st.

Merchant Qualifications

What type of merchants qualify for this promotion?

  • Online Ordering (OLO) Promo: All net-new SkyTab merchants are eligible for the OLO promotion. This includes established businesses converting from another POS provider, or brand new businesses.
  • $5,000 Signing Bonus: Only existing/established restaurants who are migrating from another POS provider are eligible. Brand new businesses do not qualify.

What merchants do not qualify for this promotion?

Any merchant who switches to SkyTab during the promotion period is eligible for the OLO promo. However, for the $5,000 signing bonus, these merchants are NOT eligible:

  • Focus POS merchants
  • Any merchants using Future POS, Harbortouch, POSitouch, or Restaurant Manager not using Shift4 payment processing

What about a business that currently uses a terminal or ECR. Do they qualify?
Yes. As long as they convert to SkyTab POS and meet the eligibility requirements, they qualify.

Are existing SkyTab customers currently not enrolled in Online Ordering eligible to receive the OLO credit?
No. The promotion is applicable to newt-new SkyTab POS customers.

Do merchants need to be processing within the campaign dates in order to qualify?
Yes. Eligible merchants must be submitted and approved on or after July 27, 2023 and be processing payments (700 status) by October 31 in order to qualify for their respective promotion(s).

Is there a monthly processing minimum?
Yes. Merchants must process at least $30,000 in average monthly volume to be eligible for the $5,000 bonus. There is no monthly minimum for the OLO incentive.

Can merchants qualify for both the OLO promo and the $5k Signing Bonus?
Yes. If a merchant qualifies for both, they are eligible to receive both.

What about a multi-location merchant? Would they receive $5,000 each?
Yes, they can receive the $5,000 bonus for each MID.

If a merchant switches to SkyTab, but wants to use a 3rd-party OLO service, would they still be eligible for the OLO credit?
No, the credit is specifically for SkyTab Online Ordering.

When submitting a merchant application, what do we have to do to ensure the merchant gets included in these promotions?

  • OLO Promotion: All new SkyTab accounts installed during the contest period will automatically be enrolled to receive the $1.00 credit for every online order
  • $5,000 Signing Bonus: You must make sure to include previous processing statements with the merchant application so that we can verify they are an established business switching from another provider.

How many merchant statements should be uploaded for the $5,000 Signing Bonus.
Please upload two (2) statements.

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