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In an industry that moves as quickly as the restaurant business, it’s important to have good POS software. In looking for a POS system for your business, you should choose one with a variety of features that will effect your restaurant in an impactful way. Here are a few things your POS software should have in order to help contribute to the success of your restaurant.

Management Features

One primary purpose of a POS software is to help manage the operations aside from just sales. Some examples of this are employee management, customer management, inventory management, and menu customization. Each of these aspects of the restaurant are important, and finding a POS system that can help you do them all in one place is extremely beneficial to your business.

Online Ordering Capabilities

Online ordering has become extremely popular over the last several years as customers can still enjoy your restaurant’s fare without having to dine in. Having a POS software that can take these orders will not only help you get more traffic online, but also create a more efficient system for your restaurant staff and offer more convenience to your customers.

Curbside and Tableside Payments

Being able to take curbside and tableside payments through your POS software offers a multitude of convenience to not only your staff, but also to your customers. This also helps greatly increase a restaurant’s turnaround time for tables, which allows for more customers to be seated. Additionally, this feature is perfect for servers who run take-out orders to customers via walk-in or curbside pickup!

Multiple Payment Options

Having multiple payment options seems obvious, but that’s just because of it’s high importance!  Customers have different payment preferences, and it is beneficial to not only be able to accept those types of payment, but also be able to track each one through your POS software.

Reporting and Analytics

Having a system with reporting capabilities is probably one of the most important features of POS software for restaurants. As a business owner, it is essential to know the different points of your restaurant to know where your strong suits are, as well as your weaknesses.  Some aspects of your business that you will want your POS software to track, and have the ability to create reports for, are sales reports, employee reports, and inventory reports.

Table Management and Reservations

In a full-service restaurant, reservations and table management are extremely important.  Your system should be able to personalize a floor plan to your restaurant, track which tables are taken, how many customers are at each table, and how many people are waiting to be sat. Additionally, the POS software should be able to handle online reservations, as well as allow an employee to input phone reservations directly into the system. By having these features, your employees are more equipped to seat, and serve, your guests as efficiently as possible.

We hope we’ve provided you with valuable information on how to choose the right point of sales software for your small business. It may seem like a daunting task, but with proper knowledge and understanding, you’ll be able to secure the perfect system to fit your business needs to streamline operations further. If you have questions about what POS system would be best for your unique needs, feel free to give us a call at 210-926-5677 or schedule an onsite visit HERE. To stay up-to-date on the latest POS systems available and industry news, please follow us on Facebook.

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