Streamline your Operations

Operate more efficiently, provide a better customer experience and benefit from countless time and money saving features.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

San Antonio POS puts valuable data at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor sales, track inventory, manage labor and review financials.

Boost your Bottom Line

Improve your bottom line by increasing operational efficiency, minimizing ordering errors, controlling labor costs and reducing shrinkage.


The Echo software has countless time and money saving features with a simple and intuitive interface. 


Completely Customizable

Utilize three different modes of functionality to meet your needs and grow with your business:

  • Basic calculator functionality
  • Cash register interface
  • Full POS system



Streamlined Operations

  • Intuitive interface for painless training and efficient operation
  • Keyword tags and universal search function enable you to easily find any item
  • Easily add discounts and special requests or hold tickets for later checkout

Easier Management

  • View quantity-on-hand inventory to avoid stock-outs
  • Manage employees with a built-in time clock
  • Customer database with built-in loyalty functionality
Sleek Design
Super-thin design and cast aluminum body deliver a sleek appearance with maximum durability.
Optimal Screen Size
Harbortouch Echo’s 13.3” touchscreen display is significantly larger than most tablets.
POS for Bars & Restaurants
Features include efficient order management, flexible pricing for discounts and specials, easy menu set-up, employee management, bar tabs and table tracking.
Full Range of Motion
A dual-hinged stand enables you to position the screen at any angle for comfortable operation in every countertop environment.


Take control of your business with powerful reporting capabilities 

Harbortouch puts valuable data at your fingertips so that you can make more informed decisions about your business.

Financial Overview: This is the main overview report showing your daily totals.

Ticket Detail: Lists all of your transactions for a certain time period.

Item Sales Summary: Provides an overview of your sales of all items.

Sales Summary By: Provides an overview of sales, filterable by department, item, employee, order type and customer.

Tender Type Summary: Lists the number of transactions for each tender type.

Quantity on Hand: Shows you how many of each item you have in stock.

Discount Summary: Shows you how much you have discounted in total.


Sales & Labor Summary: Provides a breakdown of sales and labor by hour.

Labor by Employee: Lists all of your transactions for a certain time period.

Labor by Employee by Job: Shows each employee’s overall hours worked and which job they were working during that time.

Labor Detail: Shows exactly when your employees clocked in and out, what job they were working, total hours, and total paid time.

Employee Directory: Lists all of your employees in the system.

Tax Form 4070: Shows all of your employees’ cash and credit tips.


Remote Reporting & Management

Harbortouch’s powerful LighthouseTM platform provides you with remote access to your POS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lighthouse enables you to view reports online, make changes to your menu remotely, and manage your employees from anywhere. Now you can work where you want, when you want!


Harbortouch provides comprehensive training resources and 24/7 in-house support to ensure a flawless experience.  

We provide extensive training resources to make sure you are proficient with your POS system.

 We provide a personalized training session over the phone to get you started, and then offer numerous support resources for additional training.

We offer customer service and technical support completely in-house 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

   Available 24/7
No matter when you have an issue, we will be available to help you reach a quick resolution