Navigating Friendly Fraud: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Money from a POS System Company

In the world of business transactions, POS (point-of-sale) systems play an essential role in facilitating smooth and efficient payments. However, even with advanced technology, there are potential problems that can come up, and customers may find themselves victims of what is known as “friendly fraud.” Friendly fraud happens when a customer disputes a legitimate transaction, […]

Understanding Delayed Capture: What Every POS System User Needs to Know

In the fast paced world of modern commerce, businesses are constantly seeking more efficient and flexible ways to handle financial transactions. POS systems have emerged as a powerful solution, streamlining the payment process, enhancing customer experiences, and providing businesses with essential data for informed decision making. One vital aspect of POS systems is delayed capture, […]

Reasons to Use Pay at the Table Technology In Restaurants

card and cash with bill on table

Recently, the restaurant industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, mostly fueled by technological advancements. One of these innovations that has revolutionized the dining experience is the pay at the table technology. With this new cutting-edge solution, patrons can settle their bills directly from their table, enhancing convenience, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. As a leading […]

What to Know about Card Authorization and Capture

Credit card authorizations happen all the time, even if we don’t fully know what they are. These are what are happening behind the scenes on your website when your customers actually click the pay button. Basically, when a customer uses a card to pay on your website, a card authorization request will be sent to […]

Easy Way to Better Restaurant Reputation Management

5 star restaurant review

Restaurant reputation management is one of the most important aspects of owning and operating a successful restaurant. This is important because your reputation, and specifically your online reputation, will always go before you. This online reputation includes your online reviews which directly impact the decisions of potential customers. While you can’t ensure that you only […]

Features to Look for in a Restaurant POS System

Loyalty Programs

Restaurant technology is completely changing the way we eat out and the way we order food to eat at home. These innovations range from new customer-focused technology like ordering online, mobile payments, and menus on QR codes to back of the house systems like automated inventory management. There’s one thing that ties all of these […]

Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Bars & Nightclubs

In the fast paced world of the restaurant industry, efficiency and accuracy are necessary for the success of your operations. Managing orders, tracking inventory, and processing payments can be complex tasks, especially during peak hours. This is where the importance of Point of Sale (POS) solutions come into play. A great restaurant POS system can […]

Top Restaurant Trends in 2022

Online Ordering

Many restaurants have been searching for creative ways to improve the customer experience on-site and off-site. Here are a few of the strategies restaurants have begun to adopt as part of their normal routine! Contactless Ordering and Delivery It looks like contactless delivery and online ordering are here to stay in the restaurant business. These […]

Tips for Improving Restaurant Operations

Mobile Ordering

Making sure you are streamlining your restaurant’s operations is essential to your small business’ success. If you are looking to improve your restaurant’s operations, here are a few tips you may not have thought of to help make your business more efficient.  Optimize Your Menu The menu is one of the most important parts of […]

Choose the Right POS Software

Bar employee using SkyTab

In an industry that moves as quickly as the restaurant business, it’s important to have good POS software. In looking for a POS system for your business, you should choose one with a variety of features that will effect your restaurant in an impactful way. Here are a few things your POS software should have in order to […]


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